Indoor and Outdoor advertising includes various types of promotional displays, from highway billboards to transit posters and arena placement, all geared towards communicating a message to the public. The message might be to buy a product, take a trip, vote for a politician, or give to a charity.

Zeegers Advertisings is a company that develops Indoor & Outdoor advertising from a high quality with a strong personal involvement.

Some examples:
- Billboards
- Highway Signs
- B-to-B Panels
- LED Walls

We offer large multinationals, but also smaller local companies, an opportunity to reach their customers through a lot of advertising resources in several cities.

The company is well represented in the Netherlands and also in Germany.

We invite you to browse our website, where our company vision and the breadth of our product knowledge can be fully appreciated. For additional information or assistance, please contact us.

We bring your message to your Customers!